Summer pastimes

This week, I have mainly been plotting. I find dancing a surprisingly good way of working on gnarly plot points, and with festivals the last two weekends and another this weekend, there’s a lot of that going on at the moment. My friends are very understanding of my tendency to suddenly exit the Mosh/Morris pit (Morris pit being the folk festival version), whip out a notebook, and start scribbling.

In other news, my editor has now given me detailed feedback on CONSORTS OF HEAVEN. She’s very happy with it overall, and none of the points she raises are major; in fact most of them are things I had already wondered about myself. Work still needed, though, and I think a trip up to t’Smoke might be called for so we can discuss her thoughts in detail.

And finally, on Saturday, while I was knee-deep in mud and cider in a field in Hampshire, no lesser organ than The Times reviewed Principles of Angels. As well as being pleased at the largely positive review, I feel honoured by the company I’m keeping there.

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