Lunching with Editors

Actually just the one editor, but it was still pretty intense.

Consorts of Heaven is the first novel I’ve had seriously, professionally edited, as Principles only needed line-edits. The experience of discussing exactly what needed to be cut/altered/added with someone who has strong views and many years experience was certainly interesting. Doing it in a crowded Japanese restaurant felt slightly surreal at first, but once we got into the nitty gritty I rather forgot we were in a public place. Hopefully my chopstick waving attempts to explain the nature of (my) reality didn’t put anyone off their sushi.  

The rewrites for Consorts my editor has asked for aren’t huge – the overall plot, structure and feel of the novel is fine, but changes are needed, and there are a fair few of them. When she explained why a certain element needed bringing out more, or a particular character needed a slight change of focus, I generally concurred. She knows her stuff.  Actually achieving what’s required will be challenging, but, hey, I’m up for it.

We also discussed my ongoing overall plot, as further expanded in Guardians of Paradise – and beyond. I’m glad to report she’s happy with where things go next. Watch this space … once I’ve done those re-writes.

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