Not too bad, thanks

Despite not currently working very hard (finished by 7pm weekdays, and hardly writing at all over weekends), it’s been a constructive couple of weeks.

As well as the excerpt of PRINCIPLES going up on Jay Tomio’s website (see below), the book continues to get largely positive reviews. It occurs to me that I should post links to online reviews on this blog, so here’s one from The Guardian.

My editor has got back to me to accept CONSORTS OF HEAVEN, with apologies for taking so long as she’s busier than ever. She hasn’t actually finished reading it, but says she’s read enough to know there’s ‘nothing we can’t sort out’. I expect it’ll require more drastic changes and heavier editing than PRINCIPLES, given I’ve only had a year to write it, and I’ve already thought of some small changes I need to make myself, largely because of ….

GUARDIANS OF PARADISE, which now has a plot outline. It’s quite a long and detailed outline, which is unusual for me, but I needed to pin down exactly how much existing plot I’ll be resolving, and how much of my overall ‘meta-plot’ should be revealed. I’m happy with this outline as a starting point, though if I stick to it, I suspect the result may come in at rather over the contracted 100K.  I’ve also written the prologue and first chapter, which, despite my usual aversion to first drafts, I really enjoyed doing. I’m under no illusions that the rest of the book will be that easy to write, but it’s a good start, and the little I’ve done so far has received a good   response from the Tripod writers group, whose critiques are not renowned for pulling punches.

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