I got the page proofs for ‘Principles of Angels’ back to Gollancz in time, despite the best efforts of the Royal Mail. (Note to lazy eejit in central London sorting office: your cunning plan to claim that the recipient of the Special Delivery ‘before 1pm’ was out in order to save actually delivering the parcel only works when the recipient doesn’t work in a thirty story office block with 24 by 7 reception; my editor will confirm that the entire staff of the Orion Publishing Group were not all at lunch at 13:43 on Monday, so yes, there was someone to sign for the proofs)

I’ve integrated the experience of being hypnotised (by fellow Gollancz author John Meaney) into ‘Consorts of Heaven’ (an amnesiac character allows himself to hypnotised in order to try and get his memory back, with interesting consequences). I’m now on chapter 20 out of 35 of this draft, making me, um, four sevenths of the way through on page count. However, our heroes have now completed the ‘perils of the road, memory confusion and sexual misunderstandings’ part of plot, and are about to be sucked into the ‘oh shit, so that’s what’s really going on!’  section. From here on in, things should speed up.

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