I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment, having this weekend completed the first draft of ‘Consorts of Heaven’, the sequel to ‘Principles of Angels’. It took just under five months, writing about thirty hours a week.

Obviously, being a first draft, revision will be required. I already have ten pages of notes for the re-write, some from the feedback I got at Milford, some from the Tripod crit group and some self-generated, where I’ve decided that later events will require foreshadowing (I plot by the seat of my pants – that’s half the fun). At the moment I’m happy with what I’ve got, but the plan is not to look at the novel again until the new year, at which point I may change my mind. However, I will still have six months before the book is due to be delivered to my publisher in which to incorporate the changes I do know about, and fix any problems I haven’t yet spotted.

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