Indoor wildlife

I’ve got an infestation of spiders in my garret.

Though I’m something of an arachnophobe, these are money-spiders, and hence insy-winsy enough not to trigger my urge to jump onto the furniture and squeal like a stalked teenager. They are irritating though, as their favourite place to practice spinning webs seems to be the frame of the skylight above my desk, leading to moments of myopic confusion as a tiny black dot spools down between me and the screen. This kind of thing can really derail one’s train of thought. Attempts catch them and chuck them out of the skylight have resulted in much amusing handwaving and cursing as the spider lets out more silk to escape the giant mad woman, and usually ends up racing across the desk into the relative safety of a pile of paper.

This will be less amusing if they find enough to eat to get much bigger. At some point it may be time to haul the Dyson up the ladder for some high-suction pest control. 

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