Finalised Worldcon schedule

Here it is… Kaffeeklatsch Thursday 16:00 – 17:00, London Suite 4 (ExCeL) Hard Right Thursday 20:00 – 21:00, Capital Suite 13 (ExCeL) Hard science fiction is at its core dependent not on science, but on a world with inviolate rules. These rules can manifest as scientific realities or social constructs, but either way, these kinds […]

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Before Worldcon

Less than a month to go until Worldcon, and I’ll be posting my finalised schedule here soon. However, I’ll be arriving in London a day early to take part in the Gollancz Festival. More details on that when I have them. Meanwhile, this very Saturday is of course Edge-Lit, up in Derby.

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Shadowboxer cover

Review – Shadowboxer

Referring to a female protagonist as feisty, sassy or plucky in a book review is likely to result in a rolling of eyes. Rightly so in most cases but Jade, the hero of Shadowboxer, earns the right to those terms. Jade is an adolescent cage fighter. That phrase might make you suck in a sharp […]

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Edge-Lit – the confirmed schedule

I’ve now had confirmation of what I’ll be up to during Edge-Lit, which is being held in Derby on Saturday 19th July. Workshop:  11:00am – Pantster v Plotter: Applying Planning to your Fiction. Panel: 12:00pm – Science-fiction: How Much Science Do You Need? with Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Rod Rees & Tricia Sullivan.  Signing: 14:15pm-14:45pm – with […]

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Getting with the program

I’ve just edited the links to buy my books from this site. I haven’t removed the Amazon links entirely because not all my books are available in all formats on the other sites I’ve chosen to link to instead (Foyles and Barnes and Noble). I wish they were, but they aren’t. I don’t know whether […]

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There’s something unexpected in the car park of the local Tesco superstore. It’s not new, in fact I’d estimate it’s at least two hundred years older than the car park itself. And it’s more a ‘them’ than an ‘it’. It’s a grand avenue of ancient beech trees, complete with raucous rookery. When we first moved […]

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That debate, recorded

You can now see the discussion on Women In Genre which I took part in earlier this month. Fellow SF author and participant Stephanie Saulter has kindly pulled together the footage shot on the night and it is accessible via her website. I suspect I come across as rather cynical (I say ‘suspect’ because I […]

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Writers’ Blog Tour

I’ve been tagged in the current meme-go-round by DAW author and all round good egg Jacey Bedford. I currently have serious cover envy for her debut novel, Empire of Dust. Rather naughtily, I’m failing to tag anyone else. Hey, every meme’s gotta settle somewhere.   1. What am I working on?  Book one of a new […]

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Join the debate

I’ve been invited to take part in a debate on ‘Women in Genre’ on 8th May, at Blackwell’s in London. Proceedings begin at 6.30pm, and I’m in great company, with other confirmed participants being: Janet Edwards, Karen Lord, Naomi Foyle and Stephanie Saulter. The event was triggered at least in part by the – correct […]

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  • The first draft of INVISIBLE SUN is finished! Rewrites are required, but it's still cause for a small celebratory tipple.,
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