Bristolcon rocks!

I’m really looking forward to being one of the Guests of Honour at Bristolcon on Saturday 26th. My fellow Guests will be artist Chris Moore, and Jasper Fforde (note to self: do not fan-girl Jaspar Fforde), and there will be many other writers, artists and generally interesting people there too. Here’s what I’m up to: 10am […]

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Review: Sailor to a Siren

If you like your space opera fast and violent, this book is for you. The story centres on two brothers, Connor and Logan: Connor is the (relatively) responsible one, and worries for his feckless brother – especially when Logan rekindles a old relationship with a dangerous woman. Both of them are neck-deep in gang politics […]

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From the Vaults

I’ve a fondness for alternate history. My first professionally published story, ‘A Path to the Sun’ (which you can read for free here), is alt. history, so when the editor of the fabulously titled ‘Mammoth Book of Tales from the Vatican Vaults‘ asked me to contribute a story, I was delighted. The conceit is that […]

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Review: Crashing Heaven

I have to admit an interest here: I’ve known Al Robertson for some time, both as a writer and as a friend. But whilst I’ve always known he was a good writer – a damn good writer even – I have to confess that not everything of his I’ve read (and in some cases critiqued) […]

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Downside Girls. cover by Nik Keevil

Downside Girls – available (again) soon

I have a great affection for my 2012 anthology Downside Girls. It contains early stories, since refined but still favourites of mine, as well as having the best cover evah; plus the marvellous Alistair Reynolds was kind enough to write a foreword for it. Downside Girls originally came out from Clarion, who were a pleasure to work […]

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Last chance to…

… buy your copy of The Ships of Aleph at only 99p/$1.47. Ideally from Smashwords, as they don’t rip authors off. It’ll be going up in price at the end of the month. And now I go into Smashwords I am reminded that, Hey! I did an interview there, which you can read here.    

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Seven things I hate about ‘Interstellar’

I wanted to like this film. I’ve enjoyed Nolan’s other work and my hopes were high. Plus I’m a geek and hence happy to suspend my disbelieve. But I’m not happy to have it hanged by the neck until dead. As well as grumpiness and sarcasm this post contains spoilers. So, if you’ve not seen ‘Interstellar’, best […]

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Satellite 5

As anyone who was at Eastercon probably already knows (thanks to lots of lovely posters, everywhere), Satellite 5 have been kind enough to invite me to be their author Guest of Honour, up in Glasgow in May 2016. Although I’ve been to both Glasgow Worldcons I’ve failed to get to any of the smaller cons […]

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Eastercon schedule change

A small but significant change (to fans of Aliette de Bodard too) – the con have asked us to swap our readings. This means hers will now be at 12:30 on Saturday, whilst mine will be at 21:15 on Saturday.

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  • Best of luck to everyone embarking on ! My pro tip? Chocolate; lots of chocolate.,
  • Have changed my profile picture with a certain wistfulness, as it means is truly over.,
  • Back home from an excellent Thanks to the team for putting it on, and to everyone to who came.,
  • RT : The ultimate democracy would be to vote for the leader and then kill them if the screw up @Gollancz,
  • RT : Great audiences and terrific panels at Thank you to everyone who came!,